The Right Mix

We wholesale an extensive range of goods for pool and spas. From PVC to filters, stabilised chlorine to Aquashield 3 we have a perfect blend for every pool and spa.


Our signature brand is Focus. The Focus brand has been synonymous with quality and performance in the industry. You won't find Focus products on "supermarket" shelves but exclusively through a network of professional pool shops and service people. The Focus branded products cover a complete range of chemicals and accessories to make sure every pool owner can relax and enjoy their swim.


Ultra are our exclusive high performance chemicals - Ultrachlor and Ultrasheen which are a superior performance blend for the discerning consumer. The Ultra range signifies the very best in pool water treatment. Designed to keep pool care simple and more importantly safe, these products are not classified as dangerous goods which means storing them at home gives peace of mind.

Ultrasheen, a highly concentrated clarifier, comes in a “one off” dose sachet that will restore brilliant sparkle to even the cloudiest of pools in the shortest possible time. Ultrachlor, a new generation sanitiser, is a special blend of sanitisers, oxidisers and rapid response clarifiers which produces clear and sparkling swimming pool water. Ultrachlor has the advantage of being suitable for fresh and salt water swimming pools. and to make life simple it is designed to be applied directly through the skimmer box. Ultrachlor has less effect on the pH of pool water saving money and time on buying extra adjustment chemicals.


Focus released the Noria brand of pool and spa equipment in 2008. The range delivers a stylish design with performance on demand. All Noria equipment is built to quality specifications and come with great warranty and support. Noria equipment has small but important points of difference to ensure a pool or spa operates effortlessly.

Noria POD pumps put safety first by utilising a P2 capacitor. This means not only will the pump start time after time but the internal fuse means it is fire resistant. The use of 316 Marine grade stainless steel within the dynamics prohibits corrosion giving longer life and peace of mind.

All filters carry extensive warranties and are built to be strong and stable. An oil filled pressure gauge comes as standard on both the Sand and Catridge filter range which has a longer life span. Thread tape is not needed as the EVO S Sand filters come complete with recessed o'rings and threaded nuts and tails for a good seal with no leaks. The EVO C Cartridge filters have a “stop” locator to prevent overtightening and damage, As we said, small points of difference that make a big difference for you.


OSPA brings a complete range of professionally packaged, consumer friendly, simple to use products to meet the needs of spa owners. Focus has simplified the spa product terminology so users are not confused by their use and application. The performance is superior and each product is tested and researched extensively. OSPA is all about getting the right mix so bathers can relax in your spa knowing their water is safe and comfortable to bathe in.